Northwest Mesh 
Amateur Radio Networking with AREDN Mesh

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Created 1/13/2022 by revised 3/13/2022

A goal of NW Mesh is to expand coverage o
f AREDN Mesh
AREDN stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

Target area is Western Washington State and its Neighbors
AREDN Supported Hardware Platforms | Latest Documentation

AREDN Map | How to join AREDN map (requires a user account)


Member Organizations & Sponsors

If you would like to participate as an individual or an organization, 
Join (, subscribe to, and leave a message.
Zoom meetings are scheduled for 2nd Thursdays at 7pm.

This initiative is restarting the project that ran from 2008 to 2015. 
For details of that project see:

AREDN Mesh tutorials 

AREDN Mesh Groups in Pacific Northwest

from British Columbia to Oregon

PDF version of this webpage: